Winner of the QEP Group Doctoral Research Prize 2016

We are pleased to announce that the 2016 QEP Doctoral Research Prize has been awarded to Dr Joshua Silverstone for his work on ‘Entangled Light in Silicon Waveguides’, under the supervision of Professors Mark Thompson and Jeremy O’Brien at the Centre for Quantum Photonics, University of Bristol, UK.

He is recognized for research merging traditional expertise in quantum optics with industrial silicon photonics, establishing an approach to scaling up quantum devices, such as those for quantum measurement, communications, and quantum computation. A notable landmark was the first demonstration of coherent interference between on-chip photon sources and, in the words of Professor Thompson, “The devices we have created based on aspects of Josh’s work have created the most functionally complex photonic quantum circuit to date. Josh has lead the way in harnessing coherently-pumped silicon-chip-based photon-pair sources to produce larger and more versatile entangled states on-chip”. A number of large grants have been secured at Bristol to pursue and further develop silicon quantum photonic technology and Dr Silverstone will be staying in Bristol to continue his work, developing quantum applications on novel integrated optics platforms. He receives an award of £250 and a certificate.

Bristol’s Centre for Quantum Photonics spans the University’s School of Physics, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and Centre for Nanoscience and Quantum Information, with aims to explore fundamental aspects of quantum mechanics and to work towards future photonic quantum technologies by generating, manipulating and measuring single photons as well as the quantum systems that emit them. Major research areas include quantum communications, quantum sensing and metrology, and quantum computing.

Special Commendations

In an exceptional year for the strength of nominations, the prize committee is also pleased to announce Special Commendations for Dr Peter Humphreys for his work on ‘Ultrafast quantum optics and optical metrology’ with Professor Ian Walmsley at the University of Oxford, and for Dr Jacques Carolan for work on ‘Universal Linear Optics: Characterisation, Verification, and Computation’ with, once again, Professor O’Brien at the University of Bristol. Both receive an award of £125 and certificate.


NOMINATIONS OPEN NOW for the 2017 prize: The QEP Doctoral Research Prize recognizes students who have conducted work of an exceptional standard in the field of quantum electronics and photonics. The prize is open to students who successfully complete their PhD examination during the 2016 calendar year, with the winner receiving an award of £250. Details of the nomination procedure can be found on the prize web page.

Closing Date: 6th January 2017